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Greetings comrades!

I won't bore you with the political BS that is you see in everyday life, i will simply give you my qualifications, stances on issues, and overall reason for wanting the position. As members of this party, I urge you all to vote for whom you see best fit for this position, and if that is not me, so be it (that's not to say i don't want your vote ).

The position of Commissar of Visual Arts is, as the names suggests, a member of the CPDA whom wishes to further the overall effort put into the art of the party and the cause. This does not mean to push yourself to the limit or that you have to make Communist related pieces all the time. I have not made any pieces in a while simply because i felt that i wanted to explore other areas of art and because of my school work, but i plan on returning soon to the art I have made an emphasis on in my life. But, I digress; I feel i am fit for this position because I understand the very spirit of these pieces and how it is that they embody the soul of nearly 150 years of socialism and labor. In my school studies, I spent much of my time exploring the art of the revolution and the communist movement and strode to increase the message and authenticity of my pieces so that they could be more like the real thing, which many of you have already so brilliantly achieved.

When it comes to my stances on different issues, I usually align myself with the party views, though I prefer the revolutionary method established by Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, as well as Mao Tse Tung, rather than those of Trotsky. That doesn't mean i abhor him or what he stood for, I just think i bit differently. If you have any specific questions on my stances, please say so below and I will answer it as best i can.

Why I want this position is quite simple. I want to dedicate myself to helping the CPDA achieve its goals of spreading socialism not just in the artistic community, but throughout the peoples of the world. I desire to better my art, and the art of all my comrades to be the best of the best, so that we may all one day see a society under the freedom and principles of socialism, and not the corrupt capitalist system permeating the world's governments.

In conclusion, I again urge you to vote who you think is best for this position. Visit my page and check under my propaganda folder to see the art i have so far made for the party. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Workers of the world, unite!!!!
- Respectfully yours,
Junior Committee Member of the CPDA
Pretty much what it says!
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GoD-Soviet Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011
You're quite motivated Comrade. ALso You're favouring Lenin and Stalin above Trotsky. I think You stole my vote :).
renjikuchiki1 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Student General Artist
HERNZ4795 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
Hello comrade I find your motives prudent and logical but in order to support this campaign I would really like to know if you are able to constantly change your art styles; as Commissar of visual arts your duty will be to encourage people to join the group or to spread the communist thoughts, and that would be difficult if the propaganda continues to be the same over and over making it boring and useless, I personally like your propaganda posters and I remember having favorited several of them, I am not saying that your art is boring and/or useless neither that comrade Party999... is it, nevertheless I must make the question mentioned above: Being Commissar of Visual Arts will it be possible for you to change your art styles, talents, etcetera in order to attract more deviants to the cause of Communism? Thank you
renjikuchiki1 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Student General Artist
ah, good question

The answer is yes, while almost 99% of my art has been of the constructivist style, i have dabbled in the other styles that Comrade Party999 is so well versed in. I understand the need for change and I am fully supportive of changing my art style over to something more visually attractive or what have you. The only reason i have not up to this point done so is because i took great pleasure in doing the old-style posters and that no one had really asked me to change it, but seeing as the position calls for constant shifting of visual aspects of my art, I plan to fully indulge in alternate forms of art to bring in new members and spread the good word of communism. This will still be the case even if i am not elected, for it would serve as good practice and it would aid the CPDA.

I hope that answers your question :D
HERNZ4795 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
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